mommy blogging? O_o

So, with the realization of me wanting to write more I came upon a realization.
I might want to mommy-blog O_o
I know. I never thought that would be something in me, but since becoming a parent I’ve realized it’s a very mind-consuming status.
So I will try this out. I will try to not bombard the internet with poop-stories and “my baby is the greatest baby in the history of babies” but hopefully I can vent some ideas and stories into something I can look back on with humor and nostalgia 🙂


Happy New year!

So it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything but I figured I would today since I might use this for writing things later this year.

I think since last time I wrote a lot has changed.  I have a baby now 🙂 He’s 7 months old now and adorable. 

I have made a decision to write a book this year.  Hopefully it will be a story book that I can keep and if it turns into anything else that’s great but if not I will simply publish a copy for myself and have it 🙂


That’s all for now but since I want to start writing (and cooking) more this year hopefully this blog will get some use! ^_^


Okay, in an effort to get myself using my shiny new computer and bamboo usb tablet/photoshop elements I have created a project I am going to start working on. 

I have some sketches already in the computer for my parent’s logo they’ve been asking for, but its very basic and geometric and not something to get me back into really creating things again.

So I have started a new project.  If it goes according to plan it should take at least 26 weeks if not more to complete but it should be fun.  I am going to do a Mass Effect A-Z.  So I will have a word for every letter of the alphabet that relates to Mass effect and I will draw a picture-book type illustration for it. 

I’m thinking of making them all the same dimension, probably either something square or 1600×900 type size since that’s the dimensions for my computer screen at home.

I already have the list worked out for what I am using for the letters.  I avoided using names of characters since I didn’t want to use some characters but not others.  I have some names of places though, and a lot of species.

I’m thinking too that if they come out good I may try other fandoms and make multiple projects of it.  I’m going to try to make them the best I can but set a deadline so that I can move onto the next one quickly and hopefully you’ll be able to see an improvement from the A-Z.  Then depending on how I feel about some I may go back and clean up earlier ones if my skill with the medium has improved.

So wish me luck 😀 and check my deviant art, I will post here and on twitter when my first one is completed.  But I think I’m going to keep the letter-words a secret until they’re released for a fun surprise ^_^


okay, so after finishing Mass Effect 2 over the weekend, I scoured Deviantart for pictures.  Mostly because I had held off looking at anything to avoid accidental spoilers.  But also because I knew someone had to have made some awesome pictures since it’s a very large cast of very cool characters.

And to give some background to why this is amusing/weird.  The character that I ended up choosing as a love interest (Thane) is sick with a certian disease that his species can get.  It is caused by the fact that their species is from a desert planet, then when their species almost wiped themselves out (think horrible global warming combined with nulcear war type stuff) another species decided to save as many of them as they could and brought them to their own world (woo! Hanar!!)

The old world his species (Drell) are from is a desert, and the Hanar are from baisically a water/very rainy world.  This causes some Drell to basically get a fungal infection in their lungs from the humidity that their biology isn’t used to and they eventually can drown from it. 

So, in short for Thane, Humidity = Bad.

so back to the origin of this story.  I found a bunch of really cute chibi-versions of a lot of the mass effect characters.  All the same size, cut them out in the same way and all have just about the same ammount of ink on the paper.

I put them up in my cube the same way (with little pins at the top) and they are all in the same general location. 

It has been very humid here the past few days as well.

All of them were hanging normally yesterday… except for Thane >_< the humidity had warped and curled his chibi picture and his alone XD

so I have put extra pins, and they all look normal now… but I thought it was pretty amusing 😛

Bioware, Bioware, Bioware…

So, I have officially finished Mass Effect 2 after going through 1/2 of it, realizing I didn’t like the pre-loaded options from the first game, going back and playing the first game and playing Mass Effect 2 again.  It took a while but I think it was totally worth it. 

It also gave me time to contemplate which love interest I would have my commander Shepard persue… and Thane totally won out in the end.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love Garrus as a character, but the cheesy romantic in me is very very happy I ended up choosing Thane.

Also very pleased with the ending (though I’m postive I’m going to regret some of the decisions I made, but as my husband says that’s what fun about it, your decisions – whether good or bad – are going to be part of the next game) There was one part though where bioware gave me a heart attack and I thought Thane was going to fall off the edge of this near-bottomless platform pit but that’s what I get for getting attached to a video game – the creators can totally manipulate me XD

I finished the game, and I went on deviantart to find what the state of ME2 fanart was.  Needless to say (if you look at my deviant art page -Tasukitty is my name on there) that I was very very pleased with what I found 🙂

There are some amazing artists out there who are just as in love with this game as I am, and I’m very happy I can finally look at all the pictures without runing the risk of spoiling something.

Now, as I get everytime I finish a video game, anime or tv series or book series, I have this bittersweet feeling.  I know that there’s another game coming for it eventually, but my brain wants to play it now and I can’t.  I know  I should start playing the Dragon Age expansion so that I can get my mind off Mass Effect 2 but I just couldn’t bring myself to start over the weekend even though I finished Saturday morning 😛

And for anyone who happens to read this and hasn’t played Mass Effect and are looking for an amazingly addictive RPG, I highly reccomend picking up both 1 and 2.  It’s a lot of hours of entertainment, and it’s well worth the time for the story alone 🙂


windows 7  is very pretty ^_^ can’t wait to start messing around with it.  Maru is currently my wallpaper 🙂

something not video game related

So I don’t know if this makes me a weird person, some have said that it is weird, but then I hear of other people who write having dreams with actual plot so I’m not sure if it’s just how a writer-type person’s brain works, but last night I had a very detailed zombie dream.

Now it doesn’t come as much surprise to me since I saw “The Crazies” over the weekend, and I just finished reading The Zombie Survival Guide last night that I borrowed from my brother.  So having a dream with zombies was an eventual result. 

The dream was pretty easy to follow plot-wise.  I was at the beach (which was honestly the only weird thing as far as I’m concerned because I’m not much of a beach-goer) and the zombies came out of the ocean.  Which if you’ve read any of Max Brooks work is a completly plausable and common entry for zombies since they walk along the ocean floor.  Then the rest of the dream involved trying to get my family as well as whoever wasn’t bitten off the beach and to safety.  I had some firearms along the way, my parents were there so it’s not really surprising that my father would some reason have weaponry ready. (me and my father have had multiple converstations on how to ready the house/family for random disaster or horror movie scenarios)

All in all most people suvived, but I think I recall saying more than once something to the effect “Why is everyone being so stupid?!” While double-tapping a zombie that almost bit someone that did some typical “I don’t watch zombie movies” mistake.

I think the thing though that makes me think that my mind is a bit weird isn’t that the plot of the dream seemed like a well thought out story, or that I was completly calm and organized while my subconsious battled zombies.  The thing that I think makes me a weird person is that this isn’t the first dream I’ve had where I’m fighting some kind of enemy, through long battles and what could be considered a horror movie, and I still don’t consider it a nightmare. 

In fact I kind of feel revitalized after dreams like that >_< like I actually accomplished something that isn’t going to work and answering phones 😛

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