okay, so after finishing Mass Effect 2 over the weekend, I scoured Deviantart for pictures.  Mostly because I had held off looking at anything to avoid accidental spoilers.  But also because I knew someone had to have made some awesome pictures since it’s a very large cast of very cool characters.

And to give some background to why this is amusing/weird.  The character that I ended up choosing as a love interest (Thane) is sick with a certian disease that his species can get.  It is caused by the fact that their species is from a desert planet, then when their species almost wiped themselves out (think horrible global warming combined with nulcear war type stuff) another species decided to save as many of them as they could and brought them to their own world (woo! Hanar!!)

The old world his species (Drell) are from is a desert, and the Hanar are from baisically a water/very rainy world.  This causes some Drell to basically get a fungal infection in their lungs from the humidity that their biology isn’t used to and they eventually can drown from it. 

So, in short for Thane, Humidity = Bad.

so back to the origin of this story.  I found a bunch of really cute chibi-versions of a lot of the mass effect characters.  All the same size, cut them out in the same way and all have just about the same ammount of ink on the paper.

I put them up in my cube the same way (with little pins at the top) and they are all in the same general location. 

It has been very humid here the past few days as well.

All of them were hanging normally yesterday… except for Thane >_< the humidity had warped and curled his chibi picture and his alone XD

so I have put extra pins, and they all look normal now… but I thought it was pretty amusing 😛


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