Bioware, Bioware, Bioware…

So, I have officially finished Mass Effect 2 after going through 1/2 of it, realizing I didn’t like the pre-loaded options from the first game, going back and playing the first game and playing Mass Effect 2 again.  It took a while but I think it was totally worth it. 

It also gave me time to contemplate which love interest I would have my commander Shepard persue… and Thane totally won out in the end.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love Garrus as a character, but the cheesy romantic in me is very very happy I ended up choosing Thane.

Also very pleased with the ending (though I’m postive I’m going to regret some of the decisions I made, but as my husband says that’s what fun about it, your decisions – whether good or bad – are going to be part of the next game) There was one part though where bioware gave me a heart attack and I thought Thane was going to fall off the edge of this near-bottomless platform pit but that’s what I get for getting attached to a video game – the creators can totally manipulate me XD

I finished the game, and I went on deviantart to find what the state of ME2 fanart was.  Needless to say (if you look at my deviant art page -Tasukitty is my name on there) that I was very very pleased with what I found 🙂

There are some amazing artists out there who are just as in love with this game as I am, and I’m very happy I can finally look at all the pictures without runing the risk of spoiling something.

Now, as I get everytime I finish a video game, anime or tv series or book series, I have this bittersweet feeling.  I know that there’s another game coming for it eventually, but my brain wants to play it now and I can’t.  I know  I should start playing the Dragon Age expansion so that I can get my mind off Mass Effect 2 but I just couldn’t bring myself to start over the weekend even though I finished Saturday morning 😛

And for anyone who happens to read this and hasn’t played Mass Effect and are looking for an amazingly addictive RPG, I highly reccomend picking up both 1 and 2.  It’s a lot of hours of entertainment, and it’s well worth the time for the story alone 🙂


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