something not video game related

So I don’t know if this makes me a weird person, some have said that it is weird, but then I hear of other people who write having dreams with actual plot so I’m not sure if it’s just how a writer-type person’s brain works, but last night I had a very detailed zombie dream.

Now it doesn’t come as much surprise to me since I saw “The Crazies” over the weekend, and I just finished reading The Zombie Survival Guide last night that I borrowed from my brother.  So having a dream with zombies was an eventual result. 

The dream was pretty easy to follow plot-wise.  I was at the beach (which was honestly the only weird thing as far as I’m concerned because I’m not much of a beach-goer) and the zombies came out of the ocean.  Which if you’ve read any of Max Brooks work is a completly plausable and common entry for zombies since they walk along the ocean floor.  Then the rest of the dream involved trying to get my family as well as whoever wasn’t bitten off the beach and to safety.  I had some firearms along the way, my parents were there so it’s not really surprising that my father would some reason have weaponry ready. (me and my father have had multiple converstations on how to ready the house/family for random disaster or horror movie scenarios)

All in all most people suvived, but I think I recall saying more than once something to the effect “Why is everyone being so stupid?!” While double-tapping a zombie that almost bit someone that did some typical “I don’t watch zombie movies” mistake.

I think the thing though that makes me think that my mind is a bit weird isn’t that the plot of the dream seemed like a well thought out story, or that I was completly calm and organized while my subconsious battled zombies.  The thing that I think makes me a weird person is that this isn’t the first dream I’ve had where I’m fighting some kind of enemy, through long battles and what could be considered a horror movie, and I still don’t consider it a nightmare. 

In fact I kind of feel revitalized after dreams like that >_< like I actually accomplished something that isn’t going to work and answering phones 😛