im glad im not the only one…


we have a winner…

So after playing hours of Mass Effect 2 and finnally deciding which love interest to choose… we bought the first Mass effect game and both decided to re-play from the begining… and I changed which love interest again XD

So to give some background, you can upload your old Mass effect 1 character to the new game and there’s a lot of decisions you make that can change the game, so it’s not just for wasting time to do this.

But i was originally (before the re-play of the first game decision) going to go with the love interest that was going to mosy likley make me cry at the end of the game.  (The Drell assassin who was dying of a supposedly incurable disease, kinda looks like Abe Sapien from hellboy)

I still have that plot saved and will likley play through the end to see what happens after i finish but the one i went with was the character who makes me laugh the most (Garrus, the turian vigliante (batman) from the first game)

I’m starting to see a trend in me choosing characters that make me laugh 😛

But on an unrelated note, there’s a random scene where the (slightly-unstable) salarian doctor breaks into a song from Pirates of Penzance (a lyrical spoof on this song ) which is freaking hilarious and has been stuck in my head all day 😛

on games

so after reading that story Sarah sent me i was worried that some characters in dragon age would part ways with me that i really didnt want to.

The good part is that the only character that i didn’t mind terribly parting ways with was the one that went.  But Corte also played a bit further than I did, and im defintly just before the “final battle” of the game, and now im worried that my character and/or the main love interest are going to have a tragic ending of some variety.  But at least the story is good so im not going to stop playing.

Also I played a bit of Mass Effect 2 this weekend, and i had to vow not to play for at least a week so that Corte can get a really good head start on me so that we’re not spoiling eachother.

But the awesome part about ME2 is that so far all of the potential love interests are really cool.  The bad part is also that all of the love interests are really cool >_<

There’s the human solider type who i’m tempted to choose just because of his name, plus he seems likable and gets embarresed easily and i find him amusing.

I havent met the third one yet, but he’s an assasin from what i saw and kinda looks like a cross between Abe Sapien from hellboy & Kit Fisto, both of which i always thought were cool characters and liked how they looked. Also, him being an assassin, if the last bioware game (Dragon age) is any indicator, apparently they’re a weakness of mine cause instead of choosing the potential future prince of the kingdom (who whines too much) i chose the elf assassin who tried to kill me but i spared him.  Turns out i totally made the right decision too, not only is Alistair progressivley more annoying but apparently if you play anything other than “human female noble” (i am playing a Dwarf from the very not-well-off part of town) that Alistair will end your relationship to become king which is totally lame and mean if you ask me 😛

But back to ME2

so the other love interest is a carry-over character from the first game that you couldnt before but now can have a relationship with. Not only was he pretty much my favorite character from the last game, but he is ridiculously awesome in this one.  I found his character in playing this weekend, and he was on a meteor town that’s overrun by criminals.  He was nicknamed by the local outlaws as “Archangel” and all of the local gangs had united to take him out.

That alone was cool, but in talking to one of the outlaws (i was lying to them saying I would help them take out Archangel but once i got past them I helped him take them out) and they were talking about what the previous failed attempts at taking him out. it’s not exact but pretty much this is the conversation:

outlaw: Yeah, the last assault we pulled out the gunship.

me: you went after ONE person with a gunship?

outlaw: Yes… and he shot it down… it’s going to take forever before it’s up and running again.

So I went in (after sabotaging most of their heavy equipment) and even though Garrus got hit he’s on my team now mostly in 1 piece.

But the most amusing part to me is that the ship’s counselor even made a comment that my character & Garrus would make a cute couple XD

unrelated, he looks like he’s innocent and just wants to shake hands, but don’t be fooled 😀