so i decided to take today off. wanted to catch up on chores & games. but i updated my flickr, so there’s more pics of Loki now ūüôā


on an unrealated note…

Bioware has got to stop being so awesome.

not only am i totally addicted to dragon age (and thrilled about the new expansion) they’re releasing Mass Effect 2 today.

the amusing part is that when you play these games there’s always options for your character to have a romantic plot line with some of the npc’s

in dragon age i originally liked the main human male character but he gets really whiny after a while, and when i restarted the game as a dwarf warrior i chose the other male love interest (woo elvin assassins)

but mass effect 2 looks awesome but there are no white human males we can spot, just alien & human but other ethnicities, so that should be amusing/interesting and i dont wanna go back on the phones >_

(later edit)

so i¬†played some last night and it’s very cool. might take a little getting used to combat though (i¬†dont¬†usually play games where i shoot things so im bad at aiming)

but what’s also cool is that we looked up the potential love interest characaters¬†for the female main character, and not a single one is boring ^_^ although this will make decisions defintly more difficult. ūüėõ

it’s been a while

okay i¬†know i¬†created these sites with the intention of¬†posting creative things, but not having my own computer¬†at home (corte plays games on the one we have and when he’s not playing something we’re watching/playing other games together usually) makes it a bit difficult to really keep things updated.

I have a camera with a bunch of pics i get up here eventually.  Some of when we moved in to the apartment, some christmas decoration ones and some even older ones i took of Loki before we moved (i miss that silly kitty)

but i have some good progress in the way of creativity.  for christmas i did drawings for my parents, grandparents and brother (all in pointilism) that came out pretty cool and were a hit, so once i get a little more ambitious i may make a good stack of more drawings like that and try to see if there is a market for them on Esty (my user name there is cosmicSquid as well)

But i¬†am working on a story, and not just in my head this time! It’s from the same world as a screen play i¬†was working on in college (actually about 100 years from the events of that screenplay to be¬†exact) and i’m¬†actually working the world of it into a role playing game that me and my husband are going to play.

now, i¬†know to most people that¬†doesn’t sound like i’m¬†working on it, just playing.¬† But since the whole¬†world is¬†my own it’s actually a really useful tool for cooperative story-writing.¬† He’s already come up with a really cool character, so i’m¬†going to write down¬†all the background stuff, and what happens in the game that we play so that i can actually convert it into a novel once we’re done.¬†

The world of it is pretty fun to write in, and can be¬†expanded very easily. and the best part is since it’s a world that i’ve¬†created from scratch when i¬†want to write it i¬†dont have to take things out for fear of copyright infringement.

so to my co-workers who have been on my case about writing, i¬†wanted to post that there is progress and now that i’m¬†converting it into a game too Corte isn’t going to let me forget about it either ^_^